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Focus on the Sweet Spot

Where is your team’s sweet spot?  Is it in providing exceptional, customized services to clients who see the business value in you meeting their specific needs?  Is it in an extremely efficient, productive means for providing output at consistent quality and lower cost than your competitors?

There can be a lot of unproductive noise at times within our operational goals and metrics that prevents us from stepping back and ensuring that we are measuring the right things and maintaining our commitment to our core value to our customers.  I have thoughts on some activities we can practice to improve.sweetspotbat

I saw a great ad for a baseball training bat that gets batters to focus on the sweet spot.  The end of the barrel of the bat provides the optimal hitting surface and power generation and some ingenious baseball trainers developed the SKLZ Sweet Spot Training Bat.  This mental and physical tool trains you to hit on the sweet spot by practically eliminating the rest of the bat.

To improve your team’s focus on your sweet spot try eliminating everything else, at least for a test period.   Stop measuring things that customers don’t care about, or simply stop reporting on them.  Spend all your time on the sweet spot to dramatically improve your overall performance in the minds of the customers who are at the center of your value proposition (sorry for the marketing-speak).

Please share a comment if you have other suggestions, or if you think this is theoretical nonsense with no practical application.  And what would you do to improve your focus on the sweet spot?



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