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Leadership 2.0

I’m not sure when we started putting revisions on everything.  Web 2.0 is certainly one of the main culprits, and now every time someone tries to indicate that something is in a new generation they use the “2.0” extension.  I saw an article on “Web 3.0” this week as well, and just when I was starting to understand the basics of 2.0.  I’m also working on a Bryan 2.0, revision 1.0 was a little buggy.


business 2.0

So it naturally follows that an industry like management consulting, noted power users of catch phrases and shorthand, will use a term like “Leadership 2.0” to describe a trend in management and leadership methods.  Several books and blog postings this week indicated this change in direction.  The concepts seem to draw from one of my favorite authors, Daniel H. Pink, and his fascinating book “A Whole New Mind” from a few years ago.  Daniel summarizes the characteristics into 6 “senses:”

  • Design
  • Story
  • Symphony
  • Empathy
  • Play
  • Meaning

There was also a fleeting re-tweet I caught from my friend Jason Averbook, @jasonaverbook on Twitter, “RT @simonlauzier: Knowledge Infusion presentation: leadership is changing and new leader competency are needed.”  I haven’t seen the details yet but I assume that concern is right along the same lines.

Another clear, concise listing was in a blog last week entitled Leadership 2.0 by Michael Hyatt.  Michael boiled it down nicely into the following 7 attributes:

  • embraces change
  • demonstrates transparency
  • celebrates dialogue
  • employs collaboration
  • practices sharing
  • welcomes engagement
  • builds community

The words are different, but the tone is almost identical.

So is “Leadership 2.o” the end of command and control, hierarchical, information hoarding management?  Are you a 2.0 leader?  How about your boss?  I would imagine there are a few bosses that are still working out issues in rev 1.0.



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