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Visibility, Transparency, Whatever You Call It

transparent_spreadsheet_largeIn September of 2008, Aberdeen surveyed 167 organizations to examine best practices for improving visibility into network and application performance.  The firms that performed best shared the following common characteristics.

  • Twice as likely to have a real-time view
  • Six times more likely to have tools that establish and learn from thresholds
  • Four times more likely to have tools for anomaly detection
  • Twice as likely have have tools to filter traffic

The same is true of service teams or general business operations.  Visibility and transparency of objectives, tools, and metrics clarify and accelerate improved performance.  I’ve spoken with several organizations in the last month that are still not using a CRM, business analytics, or a real-time operational dashboard.  In today’s Web world with easy to use tools like SharePoint it is absurd to ignore these applications of information systems regardless of how large or small your organization might be.

Last fall we elected a President who ran a substantial portion of his campaign on a promise of more transparency in the government.  There are far too many business operations that are missing this essential method of enhancing their team’s buy-in and dedication, as well as the performance improvement that comes when everyone knows what the objectives are and where they are at in achieving them.

What are you doing to improve transparency in your organization?

For service and operations teams the parallels to network visibility and transparency are

  • Real-time view = operational dashboard on customer calls, survey scores, revenue objectives, etc.
  • Establish threasholds = including bars on the dashboard with team and individual objectives
  • Anomaly detection = alerts for major issues, customers or situations outside of operating norms
  • Tools to filter traffic = CRM, telephony integrated phone system, integrated Web service sites

Every aspect of a business operation can create similar views to improve their transparency, can’t they?  I would love to hear your feedback on this because I find it to be an imperative for any organization that is not following similar methods.



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